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Southwest Airlines Reservations, Flights, Official Site, Best Unpublished Deals

An air journey is indispensable for traveling across distant places separated by oceans. In fact, it is the quickest means of transportation for reaching the desired destination. When it comes to ticket bookings, several airlines are available.

However, only a few are well-recognized internationally for their service. One such airline is the Southwest Airlines (official site – https://www.southwest.com). So, it is common to consider traveling through it in the near future. If this is the case, do read on to know more about it for a satisfying journey.


Did you know that the Southwest Airlines is the planet’s largest low-cost transporter? Well, this is its specialty that attracts countless budget travelers. The Southwest Airlines tickets are available at lower costs than any other airline in the world. This is evident even in its slogan, “Low fares. Nothing to hide, that’s transparency”.

It has been more than 50 years of its journey as an interstate airline but it continues to offer its scheduled services to more than 100 terminuses in the country along with 10 more countries.

Headquartered in Dallas, the air company offers flights to several destinations across the United States, including Los Angeles, Belize City, Mexico, San Jose, Punta Cana, Nassau, Denver, Phoenix, Orlando, Baltimore, Oranjestad, and Liberia.

The Southwest Airlines flights reservations are allowed to carry most domestic travelers of any American airline. The fleet is pretty extensive and encompasses Boeing 737, 737-300s, and 737-800s. Overall, there are more than 750 airplanes to cover more than 100 places across 45 states as well as 10 nations.

Southwest Airlines Booking Offers

Well, just as any other airline, Southwest Airlines offers many deals to make your flight experience more affordable as well as enjoyable. The best way to grab them is to look for them online. However, there are many portals offering them due to which you may spend a lot of time for the best deal.

Therefore, it is best to search on the Southwest Airlines official site where you can grab deals instantly while booking. Alternatively, you can dial the helpline number and grab the offer.

You may then choose to compare the offers with those of other airlines and see which one is the most convenient for you. While doing so, do also compare services such as online support and early check-in online. Prior to going ahead for any reservation, do compare all fare details on the airline’s official site.

Seat Selection

Southwest Airlines has employed a distinct boarding procedure. It typically uses a policy of open seats through which no seats are assigned until check-in. Once you check-in, you are assigned a boarding position ranging from 1 to 60 as well as a group that can either be A, B, or C.

Well, the combination of these numbers and letters tell you your seat in the airplane. The crew will direct you to make a line as per the boarding position and group. For instance, if you belong to group B, you will then board second after group to select your favorite seat.

In each group, the commuters will queue up as per the boarding pass number such as A3 boarding prior to A34. However, regardless of the number, you are permitted to board early if:

  • There is a child who is at least 15 days to six years old with you and your age is 16 years old at least.
  • You buy business select due to which you are placed automatically in group A and position being from 1 to 15 for ensuring prioritize boarding.
  • You upgrade the boarding position by paying a nominal charge due to which you are put automatically in A1 – A15 group.
  • You go for as an early bird check-in. Just buy this service per person and check in before 36 hours of departure for obtaining more comfortable boarding positions.


Southwest Airlines permit one carry-on bag of a standard size per commuter along with one personal item without paying any additional fees at the time of boarding. Personal items that are allowed include a purse, briefcase, and a laptop bag of small size that can fit in the storage area of under the seat or overhead bin.

Luckily, there are no weight or dimension limitations for these items apart from the small size. The hand luggage must never go beyond 127 cm including handles and wheels. Following items are not considered as personal items:

  • Umbrellas
  • Wear apparels such as jackets
  • Safety gadgets for a child along with a child safety seat
  • Eatables in throwaway packing
  • Movement/Assistive devices for those who are physically challenged, although no limitation exists for the number of mobility devices to have onboard.

When it comes to checked baggage, the airline permits 2 bags minimum and 10 bags maximum per commuter per reservation. These luggage items should fit within 157 centimeters that includes all the three dimensions of height, length, and width.

Further, these bags should be bulkier than 50 pounds. While the first two checked luggage items are free, any additional one has a cost associated with it. However, there is an exception here. If a commuter is an active American military person or a reliant, extra bags can be checked without any fee.

However, it is a strict rule that passengers can take only two bags from November 16 to January 16 if they are flying from or to Belize, San Jose, Montego Bay, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Frequent Flyer Program

If you wish to be a frequent customer of Southwest Airlines, it is worth knowing about this program. It is a distinct program that this air company has given. It functions on a simple idea of getting some earnings while commuting quick and easy.

All you have to do is to become its rapid member to travel to any desired destination without taking any break as well as earn points for commuting. You can then redeem them when you will be traveling the next time through this airline. This redemption can get you any seat without any restrictions.


It is clear that customer satisfaction is the sole goal of Southwest Airlines Reservations. So, will you try it for your next journey?

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